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2i2 ASIO output into mixer, then route as input?



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1 Posted on 09/13/2018 at 07:34:49Direct link to this post
Hi everyone, new to the forum and I've been trying to figure this out for myself for months and I didn't know where else to ask this, and I haven't found a thread yet about this

My issue is that I have a guitar input going into my interface, adding an Amp Simulator some effects in Reaper, then outputting into headphones as ASIO signal for reduced latency. The problem with ASIO is that I'm not able to detect the signal from certain applications (OBS, for example). I have tried using VB Cable routing and Voxengo Recorder VST-effect, and both introduce an unacceptable amount of latency or completely do not work for me.

So with all that, would I be able to capture the rear outputs or headphone output into a mixer, then use that as a line in? It seems possible in my head but I want to make sure it works before I put money into it, and/or how would I set up a Line-in, if it isn't 'plug and play'?

Thanks for your time!


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2 Posted on 09/20/2018 at 02:29:09Direct link to this post

Is it me or do I misunderstood your question?
If you can add a guitar sound to a reaper track and add an effect over it... You also can record that without going out of the interface first and return to another input...

I'm not working with reaper and asio but I expect it works the same as any other daw and audio driver.

." brainwave "... so if ASIO is used to operate your interface... Then somewhere in reaper settings should ASIO been set as driver.

Select track and select input..
{ well you told you can hear and add effects so this is setup correctly}

You hear sound
{ so the output routing is set too}

You should be able to record...
But..... Why go out of your interface?
You also can sent the result of your guitar sound to a second track an record that...

So basically..
Track 1...gitar { with effect plug in}
Direct out 1.... Send to track 2
Record track 2...

Let us know your progress...
If you need help.... Just ask.

- Angelie

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