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Thread 18i20 2nd gen rear mic inputs not working (inputs 3 to 8)

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1 18i20 2nd gen rear mic inputs not working (inputs 3 to 8)

hey everybody

Ive just bought a new 18i20 to record my drumset for my fibal exam what we call in switzerland ,,the matura,,. So the whole point of the matura is to do whatever you wamt and write a big essay about it. Im new to all the interface and recording stuff. so I started to mic up my drumset with new bought mics and put them into the inputs of the new 18i20. I connected the Interface with the USB cable that waa in the package and wanted to start. But:
Input 2 work perfectly fine, however, the inputs on the back dont seem to be picking up any signals at all, no matter with what mic and cable I try it and no matter what buttons and ruler I push and turn... the mics all work, if I plug each one into input 1 or 2. Im going to put an image of my 18i20 down below and the settings in the focusrite Control.
So if anyone spots a mistaje or aomething not done, please feel free to tell me, any critisism is highly welcomed.

I would really aporeciate any help... My degree kinda depends on the matura

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