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Thread Where is the Clarett 8pre DIN MIDI setup info?

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1 Where is the Clarett 8pre DIN MIDI setup info?
Hi There,

The manual is VERY thin on MIDI details and doesn't seem to contain any setup info. Does anyone know the steps for setting up DIN MIDI on the Clarett 8pre TB?

I have a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru but the light doesn't come on when connected to the 8pre's MIDI out - even my old 80s stuff has MIDI power so assume something is not right with the 8pre.

Also, are there firmware updates for these devices? I can't find any downloads, I have the latest version of Focusrite Control 2.4.2 installed.

Any pointers in the right would be much appreciated.



OSX 10.14
Clarett 8pre TB
Focusrite Control 2.4.2

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I think the MIDI ports on the Clarett are just pass though to/from the computer, via the thunderbolt port.
Hopefully this troubleshooting guide from Apple will help you be able to troubleshoot if the signal is getting through.
Midi settings are made in your computer or software the hardware does not have settings....
Scarlett 18i20 also has a midi port but also no settings...

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...