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Thread Help getting Focusrite Loopback working in Studio One

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1 Help getting Focusrite Loopback working in Studio One
Hi There,

I've spent days trying to record my computer into Studio One using the Clarett 8pre's Loopback channels but no luck. I've updated the Clarett driver, Focusrite Control, and obviously setup the Clarett's Loopback channels in Studio One's I/O setup.


When I play iTunes or the DM1 Drum Machine, I hear it through the monitors and Focusrite Control's Loopback meters light up.


But the meters are dead for Studio One's Loopback inputs so when you create a track with the inputs set to Loopback, nothing records. While this indicates a setup issue in Studio One, nobody on the S1 forums has been able to find anything wrong with the setup so far.

Is there a trick to getting this working with a Clarett 8pre in Studio One?

Any help would be much appreciated.



Mac OSX 10.14.6
Clarett TB Driver 4.6.2
Focusrite Control
Studio One

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I've just had a Support chat where the Focusrite agent seemed more concerned with ensuring I understood this isn't a Focusrite issue - pointless.

As a side note, I also can't get this working in Logic either. Again, the Loopback meters in Focusrite Control are alive but input channels 11 + 12 are dead and consequently, nothing records in Logic.


If anyone can see what I'm doing wrong, or knows how to set this up, any help would be much appreciated.

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