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1 Fix - Saffire Mix Control Mac OSX 10.13 High Sierra and 10.14 Mojave STUCK ON BOOTING
Fix for a scary fault where after installing focusrite saffire drivers and Mix Control, your mac won't boot, staying on the loading screen.

This worked for me, from Focusrite Technical Support.

- Boot into Recovery Mode (boot the computer while holding CMD R)

- Click "Utilities" in the top bar and select "Terminal"

- Run the following command: chroot /Volumes/"Macintosh HD"

- Run the following command: kextcache -i /

- Reboot the computer and see if it boots up correctly

*Note - if the hard drive isn't named "Macintosh HD" then you'll need to alter the command above. Make sure you include the quotation marks.

Hope this helps someone!