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Thread Focusrite Saffire PRO 14 Buzz and noise

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1 Focusrite Saffire PRO 14 Buzz and noise

I have just purchased a Saffire PRO 14 audio interface. I am experiencing a lot of noise and buzz through my monitors and I can't get my head around what's wrong. I will list what have been troubleshooting so far:

(My setup include an iMac 27", Saffire PRO 14 and 1 pair of Yamaha HS50. The interface is connected with a 400 to 800 firewire cable)

- There's noise when the system is fully connected. (Interface w/ iMac and interface w/ monitors)
- Buzz from BOTH monitors - which stops when i disconnect ONE of the monitors.
- There's no noise from the headphone jack.
- No noise from the monitors when the interface is disconnected from my iMac (powered with the AC adapter)
- I have 4 outputs to choose from but its the same for all. Even if i choose to route my output signal to out 3-4 i still get the buzzin' and noise.

Anybody know what this can be? At first i thought it could be the interface's outputs that were damaged but like i mentioned, the buzzing stop right away when i disconnect from the iMac (and still keep it powered on).

Any help would be wonderful! Thank you.

Hi Raoul,

Two silly things that you can check (I say silly because you might have checked it already as they are basics) :

- Are your monitor speakers magnetically shielded ? You can have a buzz when your monitors are not shielded and install close to other electronic devices
- Isn't one or more of your cables damaged ?

You say buzz stops when you disconnect one of the monitors, is it always the same monitor ? Did you try inverting the outputs on the interface to see if the same monitor buzzes ?

If you solved the problem, please give us the solution, it could be useful to others ;)
Thank you for the answer Banshee.

I just figured out where the problem were located and forgot to post it here.


I had a ground loop issue in my rig that were causing these buzzes. Since I didn't know what to search for it took me a while to browse the web to come to this conclusion.

If you get the same problem as me I advise you to google "ground loop", since I can't summarize it well enough.

My quick solution to this were to cut the "shield" of my unbalanced monitor cable which immediately cut the buzz out. (Google "balanced cables" or similar to get the hang of shield, tip and ring)

This made the ground signal stop it's loop since it was literally cut. Don't know if its a constructive solution but my buzz is gone and I am more than happy!

Bye, and thanks again!