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Thread No Bass?

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1 No Bass?
Hello world,

I just joined the community and this is my first post.

Basically I just sold my Korg KP3 effect and sampler. After I sold it I kinda regretted it but then I was like well maybe with this new Saffire PRO 14 I just bought I could run audio into my DAW and use effects in real time. I got it to work right away. The problem is that the audio sounds like complete garbage. No bass at all, sounds like huge latency and cuts out.

The way I had it connected was ipod 1/8 stereo jack to spilt 2 - 1/4 mono jacks into input jacks 3 and 4 on the Saffire. Could anyone help me out. Thanks!

EDIT: I tried this with some other gear and it works fine. Either my iPhone or the cable that I was using that was causing the issue.

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Hi there,
Glad you solved the issue by yourself. Checking cables always come first on the check list ;)