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Thread Scarlett Studio

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Hey Guys!
I just got my very first Interface, Im using the Scarlett Studio Bundle. I installed and activated everything yesterday but my mic is still not working. I can see on the Gain LED that there is Soundinput, but when I record in Cubase there is nothing. I change the I/O on the control panel/sound but it's still not working. btw. the headphones are working fine!
First, are you using the mic supplied in the bundle ? If so, this is a condenser mic which needs Phantom Power, and there's a switch to activate it on your Scarlett interface.

Once this is done, did you specify on Cubase the input to which your mic is connected for the track you are going to record. This has to be done every time you add a track to your project.

Once the mic input is set up and Record armed in Cubase, test the mic and you should see the level of your track moving according to the mic input level. If your mic is connected to input 1, you'll have to specify Input 1 on Cubase, same with input 2.

Cheers !