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Thread 2i4 low Gain for NT2a

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Topic 2i4 low Gain for NT2a
I have just bought the 2i4 and am using an NT2a mic for vocals.
I am using Cubase Elements 7.
In order to get a loud enough signal for the NT2a I have to put the Gain at almost full position.
this seems pretty unreasonable..I have the phantom on and line switch.And I have the latest drivers installed for the 2i4.
Also the headphone gain is very low too, I have to pump that up to full.
Please can anyone advise.
Hi Valmyre,

This is sounds like normal behaviour, please see the following answer base article on our website:


As long as your input is not clipping, you should not experience any issues with recording with that Mic.

With regards to your headphones, the gain level is determined by the impedance of the headphones you use. The out impedance of the headphone socket itself will be <15ohms, these become difficult to measure as it can be variable depending on frequency. As the impedance of your headphones increases, so the gain reduces. You may wish to place a headphone amp in front of the headphones in order to increase gain further.

I hope the above helps, you feel like the gain issues are different to the above, please do contact us by raising a support ticket for the Contact form on the Focusrite website

Best regards
ahh thankyou for your reply
as long as its normal..well i'll go along with it ..
thanks again