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Thread 18i20 input buzz at 96Khz only.

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1 18i20 input buzz at 96Khz only.
Just unboxed this and hooked it up yesterday. I get a buzz sound from two of my ADAT inputs when I have nothing ADAT plugged in. I only have my monitors in my mains, and headphones plugged into the first headphone jack. Also a SPDIF loop-back from SPDIF out to in. The buzz still continued with the loop-back disconnected though I doubt that would have anything to do with it. Also power cycled it to see if that would get rid of it...nope. Strangely the buzz is only there at 96Khz and I cannot hear it until I input monitor it. What can it be?:oo:

Here is what I am hearing.

Here is what I am seeing.



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Good morning,

Thanks for the post and sorry you seem to be having some issues.
Can I ask how you've narrowed down the buzz to just on two ADAT channels? Are they metering in Mix Control?
If you connect a TOSLINK cable, does the buzzing on those ADAT channels continue?

When you select 96k within Mix Control, can you check that Windows is also following that sample rate change by navigating to:
Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback/Recording tabs -> right click 18i20 -> Properties -> Advanced -> drop down menu.

If you match the Windows sample-rate with Mix Control and that of any sessions you may have open, does this effect the buzz you receive?

What version of Windows are you using, as well as what version of Mix Control?

Please also note that the audio attachment in your post doesn't seem to be working, so I have been unable to take a listen.

You may wish to submit this information as an email case to us via:

Best regards
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support

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I need to go out and get a optical cable to test.

Posted it to soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/thareaper7/0001-3-audio

I mean it'll make a good wavetable source. It sounds like it loops indefinitely.

The Windows OS sample-rate is the same as the DAW sample rate. I would only notice the buzz from either DAW, because I don't think windows will pick up those inputs unless I have a surround sound set up. The buzz wont leave until the sample rate is changed to 88, 48, or 44. Weird indeed.

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Good morning,

Within Mix Control, if you select your 8 ADAT channels on your monitoring channels, do you see the buzzing metering on any of those channels?

Let me know how you get on.

Best regards
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support