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Thread Volume is lowered on Youtube

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Topic Volume is lowered on Youtube
I frequently post my music to Youtube. I find, consistently, that the volume on the youtube video is significantly lower than the original wav file or the mp4 file I upload. This is very annoying!

I have been given suggestions to compress and/or normalize the audio file before I import it into the video. This seems to have no affect. The youtube video is always low volume, requiring people to crack up their system volume and/or youtube volume to hear it at a reasonable level.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? This is really frustrating me!

gary in vermont
It seems there are a lot of browser-related issues concerning YouTube volume. You should probably try uploading from a different browser and see if that makes any difference.(I would also try listening to one of your low-level videos from a different browser, in case that has any impact.) Try experimenting with the audio encoder settings on whatever software you're using for rendering your videos, and check that the audio formats you're using are compliant with YouTube's standards. Good luck!