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Thread Problem with Scarlett Solo

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1 Problem with Scarlett Solo
Hello forum!

I have a problem with my new Focusrite Scarlett Solo, i hope you guys can help me!
I don't now why, i can't make my active speakers (Edifier R1000) sound, not only with FL studio or Ableton but also on Youtube! They are connected to the focusrite with double rca and to the pc whit usb. Any suggestion? I'm on Windows 7 and I TRIED EVERYTHING BUT NOTHIN HAPPEN!

(Yes, i installed the driver and set properly the control pannel of Windows)

Thank you so much!
Hi Andrea,

Sorry to hear you are having issues getting audio to playback, but I can help!

Are you able to hear audio playback when using headphones? If you are not, can you tell me how the device appears in the Device Manager? It should be listed under Sound Video and Game Controllers. Is there any code symbols listed next to the Scarlett Solo in Device Manager? If so what are they? You can find this by right clicking on the Solo (while in device manager) and choosing properties. Here the code will be listed.

If you are able to get audio to pass using headphones, I would recommend testing with different RCA cables with your monitors.

If you are not getting playback from your headphones, have you done any optimization steps for your PC? The steps to do so can be found here : https://global.focusrite.com/answerbase/optimising-your-pc-for-audio-on-windows-7?id=1071

It may be beneficial to go through some troubleshooting with one of our techs. You can do this by starting a case here : https://global.focusrite.com/answerbase/contact

I hope this helps, but if you are having continued issues; please contact us directly!

Best Regards,
David // Focusrite Technical Support
Thank you so much David!

So, even with headphones i can't hear anything. From the device manager, when i click on "properties" it tells me that "there is a problem with a snap-in", i don't know what it means :8O::8O:

Maybe we found the problem?

UPDATE! I finally managed to make it work on the focusrite Solo on fruity loops setting "focus scarlett asio" in the audio settings (correct?).
But the problem remains when I'm not on FL!

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Hi Andrea,

I'm not aware of that specific issue appearing in FL Studio, are you able to screenshot the error for us to see?
Yes the Focusrite Scarlett ASIO is the driver that you want.
Are you now able to listen to audio through Youtube etc?

It may be easier for us to to organise a Team Viewer session with you, so we can remotely take a look at your setup and try to determine where the issue lies. Please can you contact us on the below details in order to organise this:


Many thanks
Si // Focusrite Technical Support
I just got my focusrite solo. When I open my Pro tools First, it will not recognize my interface.
What am I doing wrong?