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Thread Why is my microphone only on the left?

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1 Why is my microphone only on the left?
I've been using my Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 for about a month now and have only used it for my guitar. Yesterday I bought an Audio Technica AT2020. If I use the direct monitor I can hear myself just fine. However, when I try to record on my computer I can only hear the left side. I went to the Focusrite website and found this:


I followed the instructions and managed to fix it in Ableton. However, the main reason I bought this mic is to record in Fraps and do some Skype calls. Is there something I can do to fix this problem?

The main reason is that the capture program expect a stereo signal. You oly provide one side of the stereo signal. I think the same is happening with Skype.

Normally a usb mic or soundblaster type of mic used with Skype is mono or the port plugged into is mono. The drivers or hardware makes the signal audiable over two channels.

You like to use a recording interface.
One channel is one channel.
I doubt it would help changing settings because one audio feed can be selected and thus selecting channel 1/2 ( 3/4) at the same time.

- Angelie

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

Admittedly I've never used an interface for skype calls, but in typically any DAW, this issue is resolved by selecting a mono input, which will then lead to a stereo output. So the issue here isn't the sound card it's just that certain software limit your recording capabilities. Unfortunately, Fraps and Skype can be very limiting. Also, a stereo mic might be better for what you're doing, but can limit you if you plan on also recording certain instruments and producing music.

I would highly recommend trying out the voicemeeter from VB-Audio as your first option. I think it's a free download, and I believe it'll solve your skype problems and possibly Fraps (but can't guarantee it). If that doesn't work, there are other things we can do.

Now, Fraps combines all audio inputs into one file, so if you want to record several different things, it can be hard to find a post-prod workaround. I would recommend taking a look at Bandicam if you can, it might do a better job at what you're asking. But if you're just recording one audio file on your Fraps recording, then the following workaround might help:

  • Download Audacity. It's a free audio editor and is actually both easy to use and quite powerful
  • Locate your audio file recorded via Fraps or Bandicam and load it into Audacity
  • You'll see your mono audio track is shown in stereo. It'll show waveforms in one channel, and be empty in the other
  • Highlight the entire track (both channels), right-click and select "split stereo track"
  • Then, de-select both channels, only select the channel with the audio (likely the left channel), copy it, then paste it into the empty channel
  • Export this new stereo audio track as .wav or whatever you like

If that didn't make sense, here's a good video that can help you out and explains it quite easily:

It really doesn't take too long, so long as you remember to implement this workaround in your workflow. Otherwise, perhaps consider getting a stereo mic if this isn't a good solution.

Regarding skype, that might be trickier, if the voicemeeter solution I mentioned didn't work. If the issue is just with hearing yourself in both channels, and you're using the interface, then perhaps you can just use the direct monitor on your sound card? If the issue is with the skype recipient only hearing you from one side, then that might be tricky, as I believe skype automatically only receives input from channel 1, regardless of how many channels you're using.

Perhaps this skype community user's post on a similar issue may help you out.

Let me know if any of those worked or not. Good luck finding a solution!
voicemeeter solved my problem both in Fraps and Skype. Thank you!
Quote from jf7852:
voicemeeter solved my problem both in Fraps and Skype. Thank you!

God bless free software :)

Glad it helped!