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Thread Focusrite Windows 10 Users - Important compatibility information

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1 Focusrite Windows 10 Users - Important compatibility information
Hello everyone,

I thought I would proactively point you in the direction of our current Windows 10 compatibility stance at Focusrite.
We're happy that our current range of products are fully compatible with Windows 10, however please take some time to read the following article for more information on your product, if you need to update your drivers etc:


If you own a Focusrite product that relies on computer interactivity, and it is not listed on the above article, then the product is likely discontinued, as such it will not have been tested with Windows 10. Products that are not tested with new operating systems due to being discontinued may still work on those new OSs, but there may be bugs and issues that we're not aware of.

Hope this helps.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support
i've upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday.
I had to manually install the new beta drivers for my Scarlett 18i20, worked fine.
The soundcard is recognized by the system.

But I have unusual problems while listening to music and on youtube. Too many crunches and glitches.
I've tried the different buffer options, doesn't change anything.

Can you help me with that ?
It's too bad it doesn't work properlly.

Thank you.
Hi Ben,

You mention that you manually installed the driver, please can you confirm that you are using Mix Control 1.9b10 with the 3.2.1 driver?
Or Mix Control 1.9b4 with the 3.2.1 driver?

It's unusual that you're having playback issue, we haven't seen any such playback issues that directly relate to the Windows 10 element of the setup.
Do you have the same issue across all the USB ports?

Let me know how you get on.
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support

[ Post last edited on 07/31/2015 at 02:19:55 ]

Thank you for your quick answer !!!

I think it's the 1.9b4 and the 3.2.1
like it's noticed on this page : https://us.focusrite.com/answerbase/windows-10-compatibility

But I will check this as soon as I go home to confirm you that,
and try different USB ports ;)
Thanks Ben, yes let us know how you get on.
It may be quicker for you to contact us directly in case I'm not monitoring the forum when you reply.
Try the following link, you will most likely see a flashing live-chat icon if the USA office has not shut for the weekend:


Hope that helps.
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support
i've tried several changes, checked my drivers
but nothing changed. Still have those crunches.
It reminds me old days, with crappy soundcards...
Okay I finally got a clear sound, without crunches.

I simply installed the 1.9b4 drivers instead of the 1.9b10 !!!
Seems that the latest version of Mix Control isn't good enough right now.

Thank you very much for your help though Simon.
If I encounter a problem again, I'll signal it in here.
Hi Ben,

Thanks for letting us know. It's unusual that you've had that experience by moving backwards. We've tested 1.9b10 with Windows 10 a lot and it seems fine, however I will pass your experiences onto the development team asap.

Many thanks
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support
Hi Guys,

Just reporting, I have the exact same experience as benhincker with my 18i20 after upgrade to Windows 10: 1.9b10 generated crackles aplenty, rolling back to 1.9b4 solved all problems.

So now I am using Scarlett Mixcontrol and Driver 3.1.206 API 3.0 (Firmware 634)
Works flawless in Windows 10 & has the additional benefit I got rid of the new and very silly 'three way' ASIO buffer size of 1.9b10. Please do not implement that in a serious driver update, it really is silly, I want to be able to extacly choose the buffersize I see fit.


Hi Bert,

Thanks for the info.
It's worth noting that the 3 way buffer setting (Recording/Balanced/Mixing) is simply a fine-tuning feature that works on top of the buffer setting you select.
If you open the drivers control panel via your DAW, you'll find that you can select the actual samples/buffer size you require, then fine tune with the above settings.

Hope this helps.
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support