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SeriesFocusrite Scarlett 3rd Generation

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Thread Spliting input into individual sources

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1 Spliting input into individual sources
Hi there. Im recently stwrting going in to audio stuff and atm trying to set up my 2 pc audio... I using behringer q802usb and its pluged pluged : 2 pc from output to mixer inputs and main out to one pc back line in. I wana remove background stuff from mic what record my bacground + my voice for this i like to somehow rout mic to OBS as individual source from all mix to obs to set up noice gate and etc on mic... To atcheve this i was thinking are there is posibility to split audio into individual sources in scarlet solo or meybe higher grade interface. My plan to put mic in scarlet and just change pc line in to second chanel of scarlet line in to have ability to hear everything throuth it. But it will send outomaticly same blended sound. I heard there is thing "ASIO" drivers and it teoricly should let split it in obs so I could use filters on mic source with out efecting everything. It is reasistic? I just dont wana spend money for no reason so I wana know posibilities before puling triger.
Bonus question: there is a way from interfase split mic ( to get it 2 pc).
Thx in advance.