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Thread How to Get SGear working with Mac & Saffire card ?

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1 How to Get SGear working with Mac & Saffire card ?
I just downloaded S-Gear guitar amp modeller free trail. As I'm very impressed with Allan Holdsworth tones with S-Gear on Youtube.
S-Gear is seeing my Saffire Pro 14 sound card in preferences.
Screenshots here > https://www.scuffhamamps.com/forum/7-bugs-issues/8149-how-to-get-sgear-working-with-mac-saffire-card#15925
Or at least that's what it's seeing as a driver !
Yet it's a sound card !
When I played my guitar all i heard was the sound from my Kemper !
So I plugged my guitar into one of Saffire sound card inputs & all i hear is straight through guitar. It's not being directed through the Mac & SGear Mac via the thunderbolt lead
How do I get my guitar signal through my Mac, in other words into & out of S-Gear ?
And what does 'Standalone App' mean ?

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