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Thread Cracling/popping audio with disk access

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1 Cracling/popping audio with disk access
Hi, my focusrite pro 14 (firewire) started to break up audio when SSD is being accessed.

I plugged another SSD in and did a fresh Windows install and all drivers and audio is rock solid, it took me an age to get the drive and vstis set up correctly.

Only diff is on my install mixcontroll is 44Khz and on fresh install it's set at 48Khz but I can't change it for some reason.

Any ideas I can try?

[ Post last edited on 05/10/2018 at 07:50:48 ]

Turns out fresh install does it too. Bought pci-e card so will see it that helps or remove the GTX 960.
New PCI-E firewire card (diff chipset from my TI one), removed Nvidia drivers and card. No difference. Also, with this setup I did another fresh W10 install and result was the same.

Removing firewire cable (disconnecting external box) and putting on board audio back on in BIOS works flawlessly!

Just my Saffire Pro 14 not happy for some reason!