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Thread Recording level problem....

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1 Recording level problem....
Basically -

I have mixing desk, I have lots of synths and drum machines connected to that, then the direct outs are connected to my Safire pro 40’s and adat units, which records into ableton.
I do my levels and mixing on the mixing desk, not in ableton - so what’s annoying is I get all my levels how I want them on the desk, then when I play it back in ableton after I’ve recorded I find some of the channels louder?!
It’s baffling. I’ve taken the mixer out of the equation and tested just one synth straight into the pro 40 and it still happens. So it’s nothing to do with the mixing desk.

I’m finding that recording stereo pairs in are fine, but single inputs like ‘input 6’ are slightly louder.


Did you calibrate your interface...
I have the same kind of setup.

What I did was sending a test tone to all busses to be recorded and setup each channel so that it would read - 3dB for the test tone.

The inputs and knobs are still analog and sometimes there are little differences in the channels..

So my advice..

Send a Test tone of 1khz or pink noise ( even better) to every output you like to record.

Setup the gains of your interface so that all meters in your daw read the same value.

And then try again with recording.

Good luck and Let us know how it wend..


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