Danelectro CF-1 Fuzz
Danelectro CF-1 Fuzz

CF-1 Fuzz, Fuzz pedal from Danelectro in the Cool Cat series.

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Nabuchodinausaure 01/21/2010

Danelectro CF-1 Fuzz : Nabuchodinausaure's user review

«  Tele + fuzz + = ts like killing »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Fuzz pedal basic analog input and output jack, power supply or battery Three knobs: volume, gain, tone It lacks a bass control that are very (too?) Present, and tone of knob crachouille now even lowered strongly overall volume if not properly set (perhaps a simple dismantling and slagging enough, I'll think about it). For the rest, it's solid you can not say otherwise. I really enjoy the retro look is fun.
edit: I spent the product in the tone of knob, crachouilli problem solved.


This is obviously a simple arch. The volume is never fully, three-quarter is already very heavy. The headroom is also consistent and the tone is mostly a sharp filter that is also effective. Overall, there is a sound and do not say we arrive at the change of masses in fiddling. I still think is the case with all pedals in general, if we know what we love as his, we should never have needed three hours to try a product, I think.


So my opinion is different. I have long had a bias on the fuzz (his screaming makes bzzz), I had never even looked at them, and then one day ... but it's like oh I love that tears actually it's a fuzz! It could have very fat sounds! Ooh there will have to stick to it. So buying at random from this pedal really cheap. In the end, all alone I like it with very little gain (or almost not) for a clean sound: it gives the consistency is really nice. With more gain, well there's still this side of garish (it is perhaps not the right word, but speaking anyway) that I stuck with the image of fuzz, plus as the j have said lots of bass but ... I find it super precise side of the attack (the inverse of a biff muff for my taste) and the like having a built-in noise gate. Once you touch the strings a bit, the sound stops immediately. So where this pedal is great is when it is coupled with an overdrive. The jekyll my Jekyll and Hyde, loaded medium, with a gain resonance, and the cool cat fuzz behind: DEADLY! Potato, fat is raging, is warm, well balanced ... With my telecaster baja in the bridge position, it's terrible. The rock sound I wanted. The only drawback on my Les Paul Majesty (super Korean brand in passing) that has more bass, the problem of bass pedal is felt, and I can not really change just guitar without changing the EQ setting .


I've had two years I think I tested the big muff, but without more, the price / quality ratio is excellent, and I use that fact, she is mortal, nothing else to say .