Danelectro CF-1 Fuzz
Danelectro CF-1 Fuzz

CF-1 Fuzz, Fuzz pedal from Danelectro in the Cool Cat series.

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keupon427 05/26/2009

Danelectro CF-1 Fuzz : keupon427's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Pedal jack and iron in iron, strong and too good!
3 orange fuzz tone volume knobs 9 volt power supply or battery that is provided cool


I've had two months and I'm glad trs, push button started to walk
is fairly easy and I look strong and knobs derrire is less convenient than it is good but it made the world Danelectro!


Dcrire difficult since it is a fuzz the very first time I have a fuzz, but I think it's rather a fuzz sixties seventies garage that's big muff or fuzzface must be said that the price for 28 Euro adchire still okay, the cool cat pedals (metal fuzz distortion overdrive chorus) have a trs volume (power) and a trs's warm enough diffrent of pedals a boss who's thinner, but colder, with the cool cat fuzz I add a bit of a super overdrive boss to refine the sound and you get a sound of the cramps poison ivy or have a sound the sonics litters of the garage or the sixties note that I play on an old amp Giannini 70's 50 watt transisitor and a layer of luxury to us lacks a bit of fishing and spends too much has with these pedals boosts a lot


Trs good fuzz pedals but will not please everyone SERIES I like this cool cat because I also distortion, metal, transparent and drive chorus frankly for the price I am a bit derrire the rest, to stay polite, I also have the pedalboard that goes with it for 5 pedals and is handy with cables and power supply provided
Danelectro I think they were very cool with the cat and I think I'll order the rest of the series! but not immediately because next week I'll reevoir my new guitar, a Danelectro Longhorn blackburst I ordered on the net without having to try but good for the price I might not have much if it's as good the pedals!

has been over a month since I returned I reu the longhorn yet I paid 285 euros on the net and the price of one in his amazing garage rock and excels in surfin with a good reverb and a good drive transparent