Danelectro CF-1 Fuzz
Danelectro CF-1 Fuzz

CF-1 Fuzz, Fuzz pedal from Danelectro in the Cool Cat series.

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mooseherman 02/09/2010

Danelectro CF-1 Fuzz : mooseherman's user review


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This is a fuzz box, nothing more, nothing less. It's old-school, so it can't be edited on the computer, or with MIDI. It's an analog pedal that isn't rackable.


The editing on this guy is really simple, as it is with most fuzz boxes. There are three controls, for volume, tone, and fuzz, and the pedal to bypass them. Unfortunately, it doesn't have true bypass, but it's close enough and it won't be an issue generally. The manual isn't necessary, as I've never had one and never had a problem using the pedal.


This has a great sound. I couldn't believe that I heard some of these tones when I was hearing them, as I thought I'd heard it all before. This tone gives you a great classic fuzz, and its sound has been heard in many classic tunes. I think that I hear parts of Frank Zappa's sound when I play it. With a little bit more gain it approaches AC/DC in a good way. I usually use it with my strat and Fender Twin combo. I really like just the one setting on it, with everything around noon and just slightly tweaked, depending on the room. I think the one part of this pedal that's unfortunate is its lack of diversity. However, you're only buying it for the one good sound anyway. And it sure is a good sound. It's got just enough crunch to not be annoying, plenty of singing midrange and none of the really irritating highs.


I really like the classic fuzz sound that this thing produces. My only complaint is its lack of diversity in tone. But that's not that big a deal. The main selling point of this pedal is that it's almost dirt cheap. I've never seen it go for more than fifty bucks. I'm pretty happy with this. THere's certainly better distortion pedals out there, but none as cheap as this. For you guys who are hurting from the recession, this is a great temporary (or who knows, perhaps permanent) solution.