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Zvex Fuzz Factory
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Torvus 07/02/2004

Zvex Fuzz Factory : Torvus's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
As the name Indicator and its a FUZZ More precisely a fuzz factory. Indeed the pedals offers, through its rglages many fuzz DIFFERENT!
The technology used is analog. The saturation is made by two germanium transistors, which gives her a good vintage fuzz.
If you have two hands and you know how to use dacheter not need the power plate to score some dollars quon Obviously not! Just solder two small son and a hole for passing. But good for the price they could have done in Z-Vex dorigine Grrrr


Its not as simple quune fuzz pedals common! There are five of potentiomtre rglage and apart from the volume knob, each of the four potentiomtres interact (lexplication Klawn by the knobs is not bad). But all this makes Careers News quite complex but if you know you have a pen and a sheet of paper dune should go.
If ever there is a Z-Vex site that helps a lot for the comprhension bte, if not my personal jai reu an A4 sheet with explanatory pedals nicely packaged.


In my opinion the highlight of cest this! Cest every imaginable kind of fuzz quon comes out of this little box!
Obviously some rglage sound and just dcouter Muse Origin of symmetry to give an ide, but also throw a "coup Doreil" Summertime Janis Joplin. I think like ay, even if its not this effect is used I think is something quil ...
Aside from all that can be filled with things else, you can really get his own fuzz suited to our style DTRE just a little curious and not be afraid to dfoncez eardrums in seeking rglage!


Amateur or fuzz-rock fan, you dont try your luck never heard such a fuzz! Linkinpark fan, or worse Limpbizkit avrillavigne go your way, and I know not ask mom and dad pay you dernire mtal the death zone that kills Acesta Good rant of useless but good cest euhhh to say what a mean!
Bon ben cest Voil trs really good effect and easier to procure EST to order at musictoyz.com, cest delivered within 5 days by UPS.
If you have any questions nhsitez not amcrire!