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FH(fx) Dual Footswitch AB-Synth

FuzzHugger (fx)
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FuzzHugger(fx) has announced version two of their AB-Synth fuzz pedal, designed to reassign the oscillation toggle to a second footswitch for hands-free operation and quick switching between the pedal's modes.

Step on the pedal’s second footswitch for a second mode with wild oscillation, blips, self-arpeggiation, more synth tones, and octave down.

The Controls:

  • Footswitch One: Turns the pedal on/off.
  • Footswitch Two: Oscillation mode on/off.
  • Trip: In Oscillation mode, this knob is your main oscillation control.
  • Gain: Harmonic, open fuzz, to overfuzzed, over-layered, liquid, sizzling synth.
  • Texture: Lets you control the texture of the fuzz. Hard left is a blistering, sizzling surge, and hard right is splattery. Lots of tones and responses to dial in. (slight scratch as circuit rebiases).
  • Level: Your master volume control … with a huge amount of available volume.

In Oscillation mode, Gain and Texture controls become additional oscillation tuners with the Trip knob being your main oscillation flavor control. For synth bass, roll back on your guitar’s volume knob.

Price: $129.00

Check out www.fuzzhugger.com for more.

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