Ableton Live 8 Suite
Ableton Live 8 Suite

Live 8 Suite, General Sequencer from Ableton in the Live 8 series.

mrjason 10/30/2012

Ableton Live 8 Suite : mrjason's user review

« It has some great improvements »

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Ableton Suite 8 is a powerful DAW suite that will take your workflow to the next level. They have made some major upgrades from previous versions of Ableton and they have also upgraded the price! I don’t know why they took the price up so high but it is now 800 dollars for this program. I remember purchasing other version of Ableton in the years past for way less than that.


I do not own Ableton 8 but I do still get to use it a lot. The interface is great, everything is laid out good and easy to find. There are not a lot of sub menu’s to have to navigate through to find what you are looking for. One thing that I like about Ableton that a lot of other programs don’t offer is how easy it is to use your drums or samples. They can be easily loaded up in Ableton 8 and in previous versions of Ableton.


Ableton 8 does come with some newer effects than I expected. The Vocoder that comes with it is very good, it is almost as good as going out and purchasing an expensive Vocoder from Evo or Antares.
Ableton 8 can be used on your PC or your Mac computer, it is very versatile. Even if you start a project on a PC you can save the project file and open that same file up on a Mac quickly. You will need to have a newer system though to run Ableton 8. If you are using an XP operating system you could have some issues and it could be really slow when loading plug ins and effects. I would not want to use Ableton 8 on anything under Windows Vista. Also make sure you have at least 2 GB of RAM or it will run really slow no matter what operating system your PC has.