Ableton Live 8 Suite
Ableton Live 8 Suite

Live 8 Suite, General Sequencer from Ableton in the Live 8 series.

James... 08/03/2011

Ableton Live 8 Suite : James...'s user review

« Great for live use »

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This is one of the easiest programs out of the box I've used. It's about as straightforward of a production software as anyone could ask for. It's compatible with a lot of things and while it might not be the studio giant that Pro Tools or Cubase is, it's really not intended for that. It's really a musician's app. The manual is good but there are tons of tutorials online for every use of ableton.


Ableton can do a lot of things. I use it in live situations for triggering loops and minor synth use. I use the novation launchpad along with an axiom keyboard. Basically, I use the sets in ableton as songs and use the launchpad to trigger them. I also have a couple of live synths running which I use the axiom to play.

Performance is bulletproof. Ableton is the most stable program I've ever used. It simply won't crash. And believe me, I've tried. It plays well with everything. Even VST's. I've used it for a few years now. The introduction of the launchpad made things a lot easier for me because I was simply using a mouse before, which takes too long.


The forte of this program is that it's lightweight, flexible, fast, and effective. It's not trying to be a fancy recording suite, although if you so desire it can do a surprising amount in that regard. In a live situation it has no equal. For looping and lightweight synth/beats it's really a no brainer. It's probably best meant to be used by bands or musicians who are producers second and stage guys first. While I consider myself both, I like the fact that I can teach someone to use ableton in a few hours, which I've done many times. It's also just a good value in general. I recommend getting the suite. The extras are worth it.