mrpessoa 04/28/2012

Ableton Live 8 : mrpessoa's user review

«  Great for the Live! »

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Easy installation,
no problem recognizing the card and then turning,
manual (paper) more than enough,
The only incompatibility for now (I hope set!): UVI Workstation to run ...


Excellent stability (if I except the only problem with UVI). I can run multiple plugs Native Komplete same time without latency, no problem. (If I open them on the fly during a game live, although there 1 or 2 seconds of hesitation, but Live it first opens the set with all the plugs, then everything is going well ;) )


I use it for a few months: I am very happy!
Before, I struggled to plant: it was a year I struggled with programming problems, and that I did not play very little music factory ...

There, with Live, I have a working base rich enough (although far less than what may propose a customized workspace on Factory) available now! This is what I wanted and that plant does not offer me (even loading patches ready-made)

Now, regarding the limits of Live, bin ... I load plant as a plug, and I ask him to do what Ableton Live can not do, and it bathes.

What I really appreciate with Live is that it is not dedicated ELECTRO ... One can easily create a complex pattern in the window arrangement (with unusual time signatures and tempo changes audacious, when the electro runs in 4/4 turns and loops and loops on the same tempo before operating the change).

The special feature I like most is the ease and speed to compose a set of work and to play something fun (and I speak instrumentalist: it can also make beautiful "mosaics" techno with electro-made loops).

The feature that I like least: few options missing like the ability to create a shortcut to place a loop between two markers. Another option I would like, but there may be: the ability to write notes related to a scene or a track (like Cubase allows for example).

Quality / price ratio: being a teacher, I took advantage of the tariff Education, so I can not complain!

With experience, I will buy this software before purchasing plant. But having bought my first plant was discovered modular programming, a community of gold, and a soft cheaper and more comprehensive than Max for Live ;) .