-Liam- 11/07/2012

Ableton Live 8 : -Liam-'s user review

«  Very well thought out »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Installation on Macbook ultra simple. We insert the CD, it installs and it works!
Config is absent or almost all installs automatically.
The manual is a real bible, quite complex but clear and really comprehensive. If something goes wrong, it contains the solution, being harder to find among the hundreds of pages.


RAS in Macbook Pro 2011/2012.


I lutilise for almost 1 year. This is my second sequencer after quite tripotté Fruityloops.

The +:
- His real strength: the ergonomics and ease of use. I had Fruityloops (and not a pro level, far from it), and I have hardly struggled under Live. After a few hours, we arrive at the dip of the soft mode and have fun directly. The movie mode is great, it allows to compose freely as the ideas come from, in order (first chorus, then intro riff and a verse, etc.). Rather than having to write the chainson A to Z chronologically. Clip mode becomes a small mosaic of sounds which must then assemble in Session mode: really nice, and very intuitive.

- The interface is very clear, very readable, except one or two windows a little stashed one is never lost. It is a small feat given the many info on the screen at the same time.

- The sounds are very typical electro, in the classic version (not "Suite") are not without many millions. But given the substantial effect bank, they are bidouillables the almost infinite, which gives a depth of quite enormous possibilities.
- The effects are really successful.

The -:
- Sound bank may be a bit much right level, and again.

The price / quality ratio is good, after that is expensive to buy but we do not regret it saw the immense possibilities of the beast.

I would do this choice without hesitation.