Kimbooking 06/15/2009

Ableton Live 8 : Kimbooking's user review


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Any incompatibility or concern any of plugins is so far .... it's rare!


It TOOOOOp! Finally, for a lil player like me.


Foreword: Ableton Live directly related stuff: mixing desk / firewire audio interface M-Audio NRV 10 / M-Audio midi interface Yamaha S80 + ... the rest of the backline classic.

FYI, just to judge the relevance of my remarks: I am not the Eng. Simple zikos (has over 20 years I do the music conservatory, prod concert rgy live another time, live alone, in groups, classical, jazz, rock, piano, guitar and vocals, etc. .... have a history of ide of my ear and my habits in search of ergonomics).

So I privilgie often itch level of cost you, my little level, ease of use.

Notice the hot demo:
is the ball! Users of loop: even more ergonomic! If you have adapted the gear you can configure in the loop or Multitrack Single Manir of sync, not "block" the main recording function.

I manage to configure, thanks to the looper Intgr CONTRL Live 8 with MIDI and a translator of Midi Manir get an arsenal even more effective than RC-50.

Problem over timing of tempo: hold everything automatically ... magically .... c llu ha-it-ing .... APRS src is not a budget pedals mm Loop .... License + Ableton + PDAL Midi interface cables and twelve o'clock noon license + translator + plus a Firewire (or USB) audio which takes a minimum the road, and the computer ...

It comes easily to see double to triple the price of an RC-50 .... but at least you

More What's tip-top recording with timing loop and effects ergo ergo home!

- Between DP (very complicated and unstable, but what quality and what precision), Logic (very stable, ergonomic trs, but sometimes drives to work a little hard so it philosophy: good and fast ... my opinion is that user "amateur", but I'm a real fan of this app)
and Live ... the latter is the winner on the economy / resource management software used by CPU. Even in the live setting, compared Mainstage, software Ableton is less greedy.

+ So having a tool to live mortal (because the top of ergonomics and quality .... users Perf Digital and Logic Studio for ... and Live recently)

I await my final buy, history vrifier stability of my system. But I pourlche dj chops. Ing his N'tant not pro, just a zikos who need tools sharp enough to compose and master what I have to deliver some projects pro, I can spend my life understand how a soft, to worry about overloading the hardware to run the software ....

APRS DP, Logic and Ableton Live .... My favorite is on Ableton. Even if I continue work on Logic, habit, ds I need to work more Manir prcise on the recording (up to day on all-inclusive I Live. .. or DP ... ;-))