Whiterabbit06 01/23/2012

Ableton Live 8 : Whiterabbit06's user review

«  Live + Electro = 20/20 »

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Installation is no problem.
Everything is quick and clear .. the manual is provided.
No compatibility issues for me.


My PC: i7 2600 K
16 GB of ram
RME card babyface

Live runs very well, however it puts a lot of time to open a project.
I n addition UNEA machine equipped with a 2.4 ghz cpu when intel with 2 gb of ram .. and well it is an interminable time to open a project that is not necessarily very heavy.

Live = gas plant


I used Cubase before and after finding one studio I was dropped with great pleasure!
I turned my fesait live on a measurement loop 3 times and I must say that when I am forced to use live ca .. have been the REVELATION!
How can we not have used it before?!
Everything is pretty intuitive and the purchase of APC40 was almost mandatory, but wow! What up!

What I like most is that for a loop-based sequencer it is really great! Like other ..
Base effects are really pretty

For the less I would say that the interface would benefit from a can ... I know .. modernized, and the synths are a core may sad.
The audio edition I find it terrible.

As a rule live coupled with the PCA 40 is the bomb!
For those who swear by the loop is essential.
It is expensive but certainly it is worth the price.
It turns the mix super easy
That difficult to hang at the beginning, for my part I have tested the demo quite a few times and each time I said "blah blah ..." .. But since the APC is the 40 foot! !