theaudioandvideoguy 04/01/2012

Ableton Live 8 : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« pretty basic »

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Ableton Live 8 really didn’t seem to much different to me than 7 did. I mean I runs great and did crash or anything just like 7 did, it ran great too. Just didn’t seem like Ableton made many changes with 8. Mainly the interface, I have always had issues with the interface and workflow of Ableton. Its not that its hard to understand just more out of sync to me. Just doesn’t make much since coming from all the other DAW programs on the market. They are all different you can pretty much still find your way around in them. But Abelton has presented some other issues for me.


The program is very stable though, there hasn’t been any issues with Ableton ever for me and I remember using Ableton years ago on my Toshiba laptop and it still worked like a charm.I remember pushing it too the limit and mixing a tone of songs an using just about every effect Ableton has to offer. Still had no issues with it and it is very cpu light (meaning it wont get choppy and glitch on you). I wouldn’t recommend using to many other programs rewired in it. But I love to use Ableton rewired in fl studio now. Its starting to be my bread and butter because some of the instruments and presets that I have in Ableton will always be used in my music.


Overall, very solid program. You can get some good music made in Ableton Live 8 I just don’t really feel the need to use it anymore because my other programs can do so much more than this one can. But I will always hold on to it. I recommend this to a lot of beginners in music programs and mixing and mastering. Or maybe even the “Lite” version of it. Which is almost the same thing just a Little more watered down.