Acoustica Mixcraft 6
Acoustica Mixcraft 6

Mixcraft 6, General Sequencer from Acoustica.

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eckko034 05/19/2012

Acoustica Mixcraft 6 : eckko034's user review

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Easy installation with no problems.
The general configuration is done via the device management (Nail planned for the occasion easily accessible)
Rare incompatibilities, software proves very stable if we observe some basic rules of good conduct (workflow management, and resource allocation)
The app runs pretty well and fully exploits the resources systems (I7 2600K 4 X 3.4 GB + 16 GB of RAM)
I made the translation into French of the software that should delight users only ... May be some refinements to improve, but overall intuitive >> please let me go back any translation errors for me to change and I pass these improvements to the team for broadcast ...
For the moment the manual is in English, fairly clear and concise.
I proposed the translation of the manual in French ... It could come very soon see the light


PC config: I7 2600K 4 X 3.4 GB + 16 GB RAM + NVIDIA GTX 570 + USB 2.0 Sound Card Line 6 UX2 + MIDI Keyboard Yamaha PSR 1100 + ROLAND TD3 Electronic Drum Kit + His moitorinfg KRK Rokit PR6 + Double SAMSUNG LCD display 2X 24 "inches
2 Hard drives 2TB WD 7200 Trs / min + 64 MB cache to external WD

Hardware performance: 9/10
Software Performance: 7.5 / 10

The software runs perfectly well under this configuration. Rather slight for the installation (about 140 MB).
A library of downloadable online 6200 loops is available, quite handy and well made.
Well organized, it is classified according to your choice, style, tone, tempo, date of sample etc. ...
The app offers an unlimited creation of track Vsti / Instruments audio.Ceci said, beware of greedy Vsti as Kontakt, Omnisphere, Trillian, etc ... conseomment that considerable resources
We hope the compatibility with the next most stable AU format to use.
Make sure you adjust your ASIO, often causes problems with DAW software.
Check your sound card drivers, and make them days if necessary.
No latency with my config working with MIDI


I use Mixcraft for nearly 5 years.
I tried before plsuieurs sequencers like Cubase, Fruit Loops, Reaper, ProTools, Logic Audio V5 PC, Acid Pro 5 and Presonus Studio One for the vast majority ..

Mixcraft is Very Very Very far the easiest to use, more ergonomic and faster to handle for efficient and high quality recordings.

In MIDI recording, the MAP is a very simple and logical to work I know.
Audio recording, simplicity and efficcité disconcerting.

What I regertte is currently the incompatible extensions AT (coming soon I think).
A tab to allocate the RAM and CPU more detail would be welcome.
Management automation is well thought out, but it remains to refine.
I essentially made on this app. Presonus Studio One comes as reinforcements to manage Vsti greediest Kontakt style.
That said Mixcraft does very well by itself ... a matter of taste ...

I remain at your disposal if need extra info!