Apple Logic Express 9
Apple Logic Express 9

Logic Express 9, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

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Apple Logic Express 9 : Anonymous 's user review


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Apple's Logic Express 9 is not that much stripped down from the full fledged version. Granted, there are things that Logic Pro contains that a express and essential version will not, but if you are just getting started, there is not much harm in trying out Logic express. The set up is essentially the same as Logic Pro, but the truth about Logic is that in the context of a typical Mac user, it is just a very powerful customizable GarageBand. If you are offended by that statement, then read it as "GarageBand is just really stripped down Logic." The simple truth of Logic Express is that you do not even need anything but the program to do something incredible with it. You do not really need anything but a MIDI controller to make this program shine, because Apple's sequencing abilities are fantastic.


It runs rock solid. It does nothing terribly jumpy, and I have found that the feeling of crispness that one would come to expect from an Apple product is entirely present in Logic Express 9. What is very nice about it is the simple fact that I do not in any way feel inhibited by the graphical user interface of this digital audio workstation. Instead, I find that the workstation program is actually incredibly inspiring, with its clean cut lines and beautifully laid out menus. In the end, Logic Express 9 is honestly one of the smoothest programs that I have laid eyes on and used. And for many people who know less about audio production, I would advice giving these lesser programs a shot before overwhelming yourself with a plethora of features offered in the more expensive professional versions.


In the end, Logic Express 9 is a great program that comes with the bare essentials of Logic Pro 9. Many people may say that it is just a glorified version of Garage Band, but I find that there are several important additions to Logic Express 9 that make it worth its rather relatively cheap asking price.