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Cakewalk Sonar Platinum
Cakewalk Sonar Platinum

General Sequencer from Cakewalk belonging to the Sonar 2015 series


Thread Sonar Platinum VST problem has gotten out of hand

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Topic Sonar Platinum VST problem has gotten out of hand
Hi all, I have a real problem. On the last update, or at least it seemed to coincide with the update as in; as soon as the update was finished the problem started. The whole VST system went haywire. All my Waves stuff became unusable and upon scan started asking where the Waves plugins were located, and when I tried and entered every possible combination of directory locations it still never found them. Waves tech said to reboot and restart Sonar, which seemed to work but not all the plugs were available. Overload TH3 Vanished as well as several others no mater what entries I entered in VST paths! Also now none of the VST3i instruments are registering at all it is just empty. there were some plugins registered in the the VST3 section (C;/program files/Vstplugins) but several of them will not register ie; Izotope RX6, as well as other important plugs. I was told to do a clean reinstall by Cakewalk tech, which I did and there was no change. I am going to pull my hair out with this, and I have business projects to complete. I have used Cakewalk products since way back in the beginning when they were called Twelve tones, and you would think the tech support would go out of their way to help get this figured out. But it's hard to even get in touch of them when it's email only. I used to pick up the phone and after a short wait would be talking through my problem with a cake tech. I don't know if this forum is watched by any Cake techs, or if anybody out there is smarter than me (which apparently is not saying much) but I really need help, and I need my system to be working very badly! Anybody?? Please??