Digidesign Pro Tools 5 Le
Digidesign Pro Tools 5 Le

Pro Tools 5 Le, General Sequencer from Digidesign in the Pro Tools 5 series.

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jplesaint 01/23/2004

Digidesign Pro Tools 5 Le : jplesaint's user review


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- Installation without any problem
- No side, as long as the computer is set up and cleaned to welcome ...
- The config software is childish, because each version is included with the hardware dveloppe for him, so ... by customizing certain features that may be asked to connatre Pro-Tools.
- The manual Is In English, I think, but this software is so convenient and ergonomic, the notice ...


- It turns on an iBook G3 700 Mhz with Mbox and external FW HDD and NO problem, I spend over journalist, not a fart through.
- See above.
- Only the computer-related performance. So if it is stable, pro tools does not move.


- I use it for two years.
- I love the time it saves me the sober and the interface, which Ramna that audio and anything that a.
- Digital test I perform, I find too busy visually, plus publishers such as Cool Edit Pro with which I worked before or Cubase, Merviel for MIDI, but for audio ...
- My version 5.2, book with the Mbox is related quality unbeatable price, since it does not crash EVER. software and any cost that does not crash is great, then for 450 ...
- I do not spares Pro Tools so it is practical and pro. The only BMOL could possibly come from the south but not enough thrust even when intuitive trs.