Digidesign Pro Tools 5 Le
Digidesign Pro Tools 5 Le

Pro Tools 5 Le, General Sequencer from Digidesign in the Pro Tools 5 series.

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Willydee 03/25/2003

Digidesign Pro Tools 5 Le : Willydee's user review


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Install, nickel.
incompatibility with cubase very serious and annoying, as the easy config and end
manual: clear, but very small, so cest rather the HELP in the software that suits all.


Soltek / * 1.5 giga process/750ram/2 20giga dd/digi001.
the software works perfectly as it has been installed on the 2nd drive on my own and running with Windows XP, small buffer settings or other beginners are almost essential to guide the software ..
The user completely.
24 audio tracks with one or two effects at least half the tracks while keeping its roundness and stability.


A year with dexperience PTla brilliance and clarity of sound, the overall sound quality is outstanding!

surely a choice again.