Magix Music Studio 2008
Magix Music Studio 2008

Music Studio 2008, General Sequencer from Magix in the Music Studio series.

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windigo 02/03/2008

Magix Music Studio 2008 : windigo's user review


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The older versions (2006) audio and midi spars into two programs, I oublibr /> Magix until this year, needing a MIDI keyboard I have invested in Magix music maker 2008, another product just as valid.
I talk with friends, and it shows me this famous studio 8 Samplitude to tunes!

-Installation: easy, quick online registration.

No date-incompatibility in Windows XP Pro SP2, AMD or Intel core two duo.

EMU PCI 404 sound cards. USB, a small M-Audio Fast Track and an Edirol (Roland) UA-4FX.

The configuration-gnrale is easy, paramtrages maps, audio, midi, latency, everything is accessible only. Online help is clear and more, the mix of audio and MIDI tracks is simple and is the last rsultats my humble opinion, especially for the price.

-The manual is clear, but still not enough as it is said about the dj vsti, vst limits.

-I will say that the price for everything is, indeed is great, I just found a
site that compares prices and quality software for the Magix is ​​not as yet on the market at the time of study. But arriving at the top of the apps from 50 to 70 known products and trs onreux Exceeds 1000?

-I put 10, because since I took over at Magix dvd loop still reasonable prices, I say no, because APRS perfect and beautiful description of Doomfred
on 22/01/2008, you feel very small, because it says it all!


-My computer: motherboard gigabyte and asus. CPU Intel E6750 and AMD 4000 +, 2G ram.
Dj-sound card cites: Edirol, Emu, M-Audio. (PCI and USB)
-No worries, c works.
Trs-latency low, fast shipping.


I use it for two months.
"I love his style prsentation Samplitude, the limits would be the least vst.
Yes, and the complexity of some 200 pages absorbing forcing in English is Drout,
see dcourageante by beginners in computer music.
Qualitprix-Report: UNBEATABLE!
-What a question, of course it does.