Magix Samplitude Music Studio MX
Magix Samplitude Music Studio MX

Samplitude Music Studio MX, General Sequencer from Magix in the Music Studio series.

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windigo 04/30/2012

Magix Samplitude Music Studio MX : windigo's user review

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Audience: Beginners
Installation is relatively fast, once the disc is in, just be guided by the wizard. At first launch the software, the serial number is requested. Online registration is usual.
The new, fast, no inconsistency.
The manual is simple, but there are excellent tutorials on YouTube or blogs found with Google.


The software is "greedy" for small configurations, we recommend a Dual Core 2G ° and as much RAM as XP, twice as Seven. For the square, 4G ° about the hard drive if not add a sound bank. Very stable, no problem, those who have bugs, I think they are bad cohabitation (games, movies, etc..)
computer music A dedicated PC is always recommended whenever possible.
Very powerful software and complete. In advanced mode, more complex
use, but you get something for nothing, read the tutorials.


At the opening of Samplitude, a video tutorial is offered. The main functions of the software are scanned in minutes. One of the interesting features of Samplitude Music Studio is to allow the user to choose their environment: Standard or Power User for advanced users, Easy for beginners and we also find the famous MR 64 interface that allows the use Samplitude the same way that a multi-track hardware. It was a Samplitude Pro "Light" but enough for the musician and groups to do everything from A to Z. It lacks bass Music Maker 17 Premium MX and, if we find the same environment that appeals can impress users of Cubase as the functions and effects, including me. This Soft Studio is designed and created for musicians
beginners and advanced, while MX Music Maker Premium (Premium for clone Hard Tune Antares) is for beginners with its sounds and its 5500 Looper loops that dial without instruments.
At this price there was a gem with its minor flaws like all but complete
all cases and recommended that more choice. For fans of the brand both are to be acquired, prices have fallen.