PreSonus Studio One Professional
PreSonus Studio One Professional

Studio One Professional, General Sequencer from PreSonus in the Studio One 1 series.

Lougarou 09/27/2011

PreSonus Studio One Professional : Lougarou's user review

« Optimized Workflow!! »

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Installation without problems, clear and not too lengthy manual. Lots of things to learn in practice, but that goes without saying.

No incompatibilities with any of the VST/VSTi that I used and still use with S1.
VST/VSTi parameter recognition as soon as they load.
Fast and effective control surface recognition and setup.

Fast, flexible and effective setup of external soundcards.
Ultra-fast learning curve: I spent 3/4 hours to get a hold of it, tops. That same evening it took me 5/6 to redo 3 songs I had recorded with another DAW!!!!


HP DV6 notebook with 4 GB RAM.
PRO 24 soundcard.
S1 runs smoothly, stably and without any issues: It flows.
30-40 tracks with, at least, EQ+Dyn on every track plus 20+ VSTi (+ plenty of automation !!!): no problems.


I've used it for nearly a year and have tested (and continue to test) Samplitude, FL Studio, Reaper, Cubase, Sonar X1. The two latter aren't in my life anymore, not because they were not up to the task, but rather because they are too complicated to allow a good, effective workflow. I keep Samplitude because it has always been my favorite DAW (for mastering especially!!!), I use FL as pattern player (drums in particular...) and for some artistic effects. In my opinion, S1 is on par with REAPER.

But in terms of speed/workflow, S1 is the BEST. You can work really fast with Studio One!!!!

The BIGGEST ADVANTAGE of this DAW is the workflow: A musician wants to make music and the developers of Studio One understood that really well when conceiving the DAW!!

And you can even mix and master everything with a stunning simplicity!!!