Sonoma Wire Works Riffworks
Sonoma Wire Works Riffworks

Riffworks, General Sequencer from Sonoma Wire Works.

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TAJ873 08/28/2013

Sonoma Wire Works Riffworks : TAJ873's user review

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Download demo version with the Line6 UX2 software, I quickly moved to the standard version on a promo. I did not have to worry installation and usage is quite simple, I have not even looked at the manual.


I installed this software on my old laptop running XP SP2 (intel 1.6GHz / 512MB RAM). This PC is far from being a racing but the software runs very well with the available Podfarm UX2 with my sound card.
on the other hand I put only 6 because I occasionally small bug, the software freezes and no longer answer. I do not know if this is due to the age of my computer or software but when it happens it's annoying.
There is also possibility of sharing his sound file online (good idea) but with me it never worked.


This is one month I squat software, it made me look good during my 3 weeks vacation. For me it is the first software of its kind that I have.
The +:
-Its structure and function provide good guidance to achieve its songs.
-Management of drum sounds is also very well thought out.
-Embedded effects add a little more.
The -:
-Good guide for their compositions but suddenly we lose in freedom, we can not have everything
-The price of extra battery sets
-Unable to export to MP3

Short to finish this is a nice software components, bought € 39 after a coupon I do not regret my choice. I will not hold probably not the same thing if I had lost € 129 (original price).