Sonoma Wire Works Riffworks
Sonoma Wire Works Riffworks

Riffworks, General Sequencer from Sonoma Wire Works.

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chavilbus 03/26/2012

Sonoma Wire Works Riffworks : chavilbus's user review

«  Much more than a recording software »

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Purchased online via line 6, trouble free installation, immediately connects Pod, immediate pick very intuitive. The rewire is taken care of immediately with Reason 4. The big plus unparalleled:
- The drumkits that really give the impression of playing with a drummer, very realistic
- The ability to publish and share their pieces with a few clicks
- Especially the ability to collaborate with musicians from around the world
The manual is useless,
With a few clicks are made taken into loops, the battery is adjusted in intensity and variation. Adding bass tracks and vocals and the song is recorded. There are essentially effects and can be a mix already very clean with only Riffwork (eg


I have a laptop HP i7, 8GB of RAM but it worked with a celeron 2.2 GHz without latency (except in rewire with reason)
Very stable with a pod studio asio. The rewire works well with Reason or Ableton Live as a slave


I use it for almost 2 years, it's a great tool for creativity and sharing. IT must invest in some drumkit but in dollar and discount codes can be 3 for € 20 which creates a lot of pieces already. Although this is very metal oriented there are also excellent shuffle, all styles of rock, Latin, jazz ... I played with in many styles (for examples of songs on my space
The ability to collaborate with other musicians (just post ideas or riffs or melodies composed to participate online) sample piece to get an idea: chavilbus / blackcherrychocolatewinecollab