Sonoma Wire Works Riffworks
Sonoma Wire Works Riffworks

Riffworks, General Sequencer from Sonoma Wire Works.

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ShowMeHowToLive 07/14/2007

Sonoma Wire Works Riffworks : ShowMeHowToLive's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Installation without problem via the Line 6 software (I bought the version of these as there is a strong rduction for Line 6 hardware owners, and then with the strong euro, this software cot me that 60!). No problem of incompatibility.

No manual for online purchase but a manual is no use given the ease of use. Online help is more than enough.

The grip is IMMEDIATE and totally suited the guitar, play guitar in hand while having the software running, no need to have to put the guitar to start anything.

Using the image is easy to jam a man, are recorded riffs and can CRER layers and thus play with you even! But the addition does not s'arrte effects available (good quality), the nice thing is in RiffWorks InstantDrummer, a drummer just for you that can help the rgler sr good tempo and paramtres as the intensity changes, the atmosphere and gain. In addition, drummer The models are good quality and trs found even Matt Sorum! Some kits give the impression of playing with derrire You Could Be Mine!

The software allows very easy to record the riffs and then to compose his piece by joining them. A child's play.

In the end, have added APRS mix effects and can even share songs or riffs on the site of Sonoma. Trs trs is damn good.


My config Core2duo 2.16 Ghz iMac with 2 GB of RAM is ample sr. The perfs are excellent. The software is stable, I never had a crash.


I use it for several months. I knew instantly the RiffWorks Line 6 dmo and I quickly bought and been adopted.

I love the simplicity of the interface is a MODEL of its kind, intuitive, well damn graphically. The ergonomics are also excellent and well suited to the guitarist trs.

What I like least? May be the limited number of kits available battery originally (at least for the Line 6 version), but it's really a small dtail.

I tried a lot of software in the same price. Also I use GarageBand to record my guitar but I did not beat RiffWorks is the tool of the guitarist, thinks for himself and not as a software gnraliste of others.

It has the advantage of a jam man, just as comfortable to use, you can easily erase a track, repeat a riff, add effects and composing his piece as a piece of furniture in kit)

The report is most excellent qualitprix (for the Line 6 by paying in dollars saw the rate of the euro), we can not get any better especially with a Designed interface as well. With exprience, I will make the same choice without hsitation. I also regret not having seen this software before because I lost a lot of time with others who n'taient not fit the guitar and all that complicated.

Riffworks is try! BMD is more available. Note that with the Line 6 version, you can use a Line 6 interface (Tone Port or other).