Steinberg Cubase SX 3
Steinberg Cubase SX 3

Cubase SX 3, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase SX series.

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gunico 03/16/2005

Steinberg Cubase SX 3 : gunico's user review


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Cumbersome and tedious installation:
. I make an update of an SX SX 3,
. Dongle, shit and I do not think it is effective trs: I know there are web versions of Cubase SX trs many cracks,
. installation and day Syncrosoft: no real explanation Retailer in the doc,
. the installation software does not load the Uninstallation of previous version and do not automatically rcupre + VST instruments I had an SX in addition, I have to do everything by hand,
. no indication on how to follow: should first uninstall the previous version? how its rcuprer + VST instruments?
. when I want to do the updating of SX 3 SX 3.01.514 (download on the site of Steinberg), the installation crashes because it lacks the file asiodxfd.dll. I sent a message to support Steinberg and I think when I get a rponse rsolu my problem, as usual,
. when you first launch the application, I had problem during testing ASIO (ASIO Multimedia Setup) who rsolus alone after a while ... trs trs especially suspect Nerva.

for proceeds of this award and from the time, Steinberg would have made an effort, the messages are sometimes 'Cut' from the windows.

is the pdf doc.

Conclusion: I've had for 2 hours, yet I am not a computer sleeve (and I'm not bragging). I would deal with the Steinberg team of wankers.


PC Pentium 4, 768MB RAM, Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2, Sound Card M-Audio Delta 66.

The software works well but eats and eats CPU resources. trslger not all. it is rapidly slowed down when using more VST Ohmforce type and I do automation.

configuration seems stable.


I use it for one day.

from the weight of the product, there is a new trick that dchire: CRER the ability of VST virtual synths that drive external devices.
I have a Novation A-Station. I CRER a window that mimics the front of my computer with all the pots, I can assign each MIDI signal knob adquate. well, I drive my synth from a user-friendly that even I myself cre (quite easily) and I can do automation like any VST synth! So the ball.

the interface is nice, but too thick.

qualitprix report: bof. if I have the courage, I change to something more squenceur lightweight which is essential.