Steinberg Cubase SX 3
Steinberg Cubase SX 3

Cubase SX 3, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase SX series.

cslevine 11/17/2011

Steinberg Cubase SX 3 : cslevine's user review

" Cubase SX3 keep absolutely!"

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installation without problem.


Yes stable, everything is ok at the technical level.


This version of Cubase SX3 is the most stable and most complete of all versions.

DO NOT cder to + mirrors larks new features in version 5 or CUBASE CUBASE 6, but at the cost of a philosophy diffrent well in the management of some parameter.
- VST plugins presets to the new application format "vst3preset" which is a format Cuabse Owner '5 / 6
- The impossibility of manually back up these so-called SETTING THE VST plugins and the obligation to go through the MediaBay, gre by Steinberg
- MediaBay, like all "virtualization library of deals, is to be much more dangerous than leaving the user grate by him even its own records.
Indeed what intrt Defines the amount of adjectives associated with WAVs, AIF, etc.. if it is to risk the whole day on one computer changes.
If you have a computer at home and in the studio, it becomes ingrable.

Although there is sr VST Expression, but I think it is a mirror for larks, it will take as given that the following plugins QUALITY. I mean, for example those of an artist can prfrer (example for me, "Synful Orchestra, Wivi Band," The Trumpet "," The Sax Brothers "and other exprimentaux). But the only follow this new standard (VST Expression) are Vienna (very nice but extremely coteux!) or ... Halion!: I think for the orchestra, General MIDI sounds amliors, but with an orchestral Halion, bah veil "shouts".
the old "Tchaaaaaang, Tchaaaaaaang" strings ... I like the vintage but l. Here I prfre Synful Orchestra /
(Some examples in music "contemporary"
# p/u/22/HEgzIUESU-I
or the Reaktor. But those are not pass the VST Expression.
In addition to CUBASE 5 always ATTENTION the compatibility of old VST plugins one, some simply do not walk more!
When the VST Bridge caused me directly at my crashes.
More DirectX plugin no longer!

Strangely I have not spoken with version 5 as SX3, just to say that I was still with CUBASE SX3 now late 2011 and put my CUBASE 5 days I'm using it more.

SX3 v3.1.944 is the latest version of Cubase valid. APRS is that Steinberg t bought by Yamaha.