Steinberg Nuendo 4
Steinberg Nuendo 4

Nuendo 4, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Nuendo series.

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peepsaudio 08/27/2008

Steinberg Nuendo 4 : peepsaudio's user review


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Nuendo installed without any problems on my computer. It took a while for sure, but overall no hang-ups. There weren't any compatibility issues with my computer, which is a high end PC. Configuration and setup is not exactly simple, so you should definitely spend an afternoon curled up with the manual to figure out how you can make the most of Nuendo. It's not really complicated, it's just that there are a lot of options. It's definitely worth customizing the program to suit your workflow.


I am running this on a Windows XP computer, with a dual core processor and 4GB of ram. It runs fine on my computer, and there is plenty of spare processing for lots of plug-ins. Playing back audio tracks dry with no effects uses just about 1% processing power, so obviously this program is really efficient and is going to give you a lot of flexibility. Like many other audio programs, stability isn't exactly it's strong point. It definitely does crash sometimes, and sometimes for what seems like no reason at all other than to annoy you. I wouldn't say this happens more often than on any other audio program I've used though, including Pro Tools.


I have been using Nuendo for years, and it's still my favorite host even though I've tried almost all the other competitors. I don't get to use it at work, but I use it at my home studio where I can make the choice. I love the flexibility you get with this program. You can change it around to suit you and the way you work, so really I can't see how anyone who gave it a chance wouldn't be a convert. They give you a lot of great plug-ins and other software bundled, which adds to the value. This is also really well suited to video work, not just music. You can't do video editing, but the sound design portion of video work is great here. Steinberg is also always on the leading edge of digital audio, so you get the benefits of that companies in your software before the rest of the industry catches on, like right now with their VST3 technology that Nuendo users get to enjoy. This is definitely an expensive program, but if you want to make a serious investment, you will be seriously satisfied with Nuendo. No, I don't work for them, but I would! Definitely highly recommend this program.