Steinberg Nuendo 4
Steinberg Nuendo 4

Nuendo 4, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Nuendo series.

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ericthegreat 11/27/2011

Steinberg Nuendo 4 : ericthegreat's user review

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Steinberg Nuendo 4 was the first digital sequencer I got about nine years ago. I got it because it was real cheap and I was just looking to see what recording was all about. I used it on PC and didn't have any compatibility problems with my machine. It was easy to install and is pretty straightforward overall. I don't have a manual so I'm not sure how well it is constructed.


I used this before I got my current recording rig, and was running it on an old Dell desktop PC. Since I was doing the bare bones with this software and using it just to get my feet wet with recording, it worked fine and I never really had any problems running this well. I was able to run a few tracks at once with effects on each.


I got Nuendo 4 about nine years ago and have since stopped using it because I have upgraded. For the time, this worked fine for me to record a few tracks and use some effects for my guitar, but looking back there are a lot of sequencers out there that are better, including Pro Tools, Cubase & Logic. The price of this was what drove me to buy it as it is dirt cheap. The guitar effects are okay, but definitely not all that professional sounding and not all that realistic. It is fine for demoting, but I would never use this on a real project as it simply doesn't have enough tracks or power to produce a real professional mix. Even being as cheap as it is, these days you can get a much more powerful sequencer than this for an incredibly cheap price. All in all, I probably wouldn't recommend this software because even though it does what is claims, there are other sequencers more powerful for a cheap price.