Steinberg Cubase SX 1
Steinberg Cubase SX 1

Cubase SX 1, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase SX series.

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FP User 10/31/2008

Steinberg Cubase SX 1 : FP User's user review


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1.06 is fairly complete and the 1.01 bugs are history. Can't wait for the new features in SX 2, especially the fx returns!!

Price paid

£ 349

I'm probably not the right person to ask cos' I use Cubase since 1990 and I don't remember how the learning curve was back then. I never had problems with it, except perhaps for the awkward MIDI sysex integration. I must mention though that any hardware slightly below Steinberg's recommendations (but fairly above minimum) is struggling badly.


The True Tape emulation is one of the best features a music software manufacturer has ever come up with. The on-board reverbs are a bit on the clangy / chilly side. The eq sounds too harsh and digital to my taste. I definitely like the A1 synth. BIG bass sounds and leads. The internal mp3 encoder is excellent.

For the most part, the quality is solid enough to not require any support. CS is ok as long as one stays on standard issues. They seem to lose it a bit when you come up with problems out of 'exotic' configurations. For those who are using Steinberg (-recommended) hardware there shouldn't be any major problems though. BTW I wouldn't use it at a gig, just like any other software...


It's a studio workhorse and it does what it's supposed to do, most of the time... For fancy twiddling I turn over to the 02R ;)

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Posted by: Unknown (January 0-, 2003)