Steinberg Cubase SX 1
Steinberg Cubase SX 1

Cubase SX 1, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase SX series.

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yoTrakkz 09/08/2011

Steinberg Cubase SX 1 : yoTrakkz's user review


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Cubase SX is a program that many people still use today even though its an older version of the high quality program from Cubase. This program allows you to edit midi files extremely easy, some of the easiest midi file editor program on the market today. Not to mention you can do some editing with raw audio tracks and other formats as well as .mp3 and .wav. You can also export in several different files as well.


I ran Cubase SX on a windows xp computer for about a year before I finally upgraded to the next version of Cubase. I never had a single problem with it or a single crash in when using all of the available tracks and maxing out the mixer tracks with all types of effects, hardly any lags when running Asio drivers. There are a lot of different versions of cubase out right now, in my opinion it really doesn’t matter which version of Cubase you start on. They all are basically the same thing, maybe just a few small things tweaked within the programs, but besides that there is no difference between them.


Overall Cubase SX is a great program that I recommend to anyone getting into music production on the computer. Even if you are a hardware music producer you can switch over to this software in no time and have no problem adjusting to it. Cubase SX will allow you to have complete 100 percent control over your projects and you can even save your project files and open the project up on a different computer if needed. You flat out cant go wrong with Cubase, as it is recognized all throughout the computer music world and every musician has either heard of Cubase SX or has used it at some point in the creative process of the music that they create.