Steinberg Cubase SX 1
Steinberg Cubase SX 1

Cubase SX 1, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase SX series.

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Los Teignos 05/13/2003

Steinberg Cubase SX 1 : Los Teignos's user review


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Problem-free installation and config match. The manual is what it is ... PDF is a little abuse for software of this award. Especially since it is far from being complete ... 6 / 10 just for the manual, then!


AMD 1500XP MSI K7Pro2 266
256 MB DDR RAM (266)
SB Live Platinum sound card & M-Audio Audiophile 24/96
Everything works well even if the plutt SoundBlaster dcroche (crunches and other parasites) sitt the screensaver starts up. However, this is more the fault of Creative Steinberg as I believe you it ...


I use it since its release, replacing Cubase VST.
When we used to Cubase VST, there is a little palms dpart: the interface of the same normment chang some keyboard shortcuts. After a few days, it never ceases to s'merveiller the ergonomics of the interface (easy to assign multiple outputs even a MIDI track), stability (I believe n ' plant ever Windows XP) and new (MIDI plug-ins): Cubase has never t as convenient to use and if it is not as forward-WRITING that Sonar, he can put his ides shaped trs quickly ...

BUT, because there is a "but", it becomes clear over time that many things are passing the trap between VST and SX. Concerning the particular MIDI (you can not use the compass to DCAL notes in the piano roll) and the Groove Quantize: Defines the System to the application and is an incredible burden, while he needed was a simple drag & drop with Cubase VST 5.

Ct plug, the app is provided and the quality is more or less to go: let's say that by adding some good free plug, you will not get their hands the bag to work in good conditions. (The overdrive / amp simulator can in particular be replaced by plugs of Simuanalog freeware). Specially mention the little vocoder included: it is far from possible Vokator, but the thing is very simple to use and sounds done everything right.

COMPARATIVE SX / SONAR / LOGIC: With its management loops and MIDI plug arrangement, Sonar is more oriented towards the three write, and is simple to use rvle trs. Alas, it is still not compatible VST ... (So ​​say goodbye to the hundreds of free plugs that format ...)
A ct Cubase and Logic are gnralistes and VST: Logic IDAL is if you have a MIDI config complex (more synths, samplers, expanders grate) but it is my feel a little too hard to use ... especially as Cubase SX is of great simplicity for me, despite major default, the last n Steinberg is by far the one that offers the best power / simplicitversatilit the march. It is becoming the most of three squenceurs document (see Eyrolles exxxcccceeeeelllllllent site and space VST).
CONCLUSION: There's good (ergonomics and audio engine), the good months (some plugs dipensables trs) and things you see change Espree (Groove Quantize). We feel that with SX, Steinberg is a good basis that it will take small small complter. Matter be continued.
As for whether you should upgrade to SX VST, all of what you dpend fates: If you mainly use Cubase for audio, is worth it. If you work in normment MIDI, be rather more cautious set may be of.