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Thread Old Noob Has MIDI Probs

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Topic Old Noob Has MIDI Probs
I've been a musician for quite a while but have just started home (computer) recording. Here's the latest problem:

I put together a drum track (sampled WAV sound) and a bass line (MIDI) in Fruity Loops 3.4. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to export the mix to a WAV file, I broke down & read the manual ;) Turns out the export to WAV function doesn't handle MIDI (reading here & other places, I know now that MIDI is DATA).

OK, so I exported to a WAV (drum track) & also to a MIDI file (bass). Loaded both those tracks into my CuBase SX 1.01. They play & sound OK. Same problem when I tried to File/Export/Audio Mixdown -- only drums export. Again, from reading this forum, I found that I should 'render th MIDI file to an audio track' before exporting the mixdown. Tried that but again, no bass (MIDI) in the final result.

I have a feeling the trouble lies with my MIDI settings. The CuBase MIDI track output is set to 'Microsoft MIDI Mapper. Is that OK?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I use a SB Audigy 2 ZS card.