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Gibson SG user reviews

  • Gibson SG '62 Showcase Edition

    Gibson SG '62 Showcase Edition - "Cool blues"


    When my absolute favorite guitars is ever been created is a Gibson SG guitar. It has a classic look and almost devilish look to it. With the two cutaways on the top and bottom it almost looks like devil horns and is everything that you would think of…

  • Gibson SG Supreme

    Gibson SG Supreme - "One of the coolest SG"


    The SG Supreme is a discontinued model. For a while it was the highest end SG you could get. It was a step above the SG Custom. SG's because of their design rarely get pretty tops but thats what you got on the SG Supreme. This was the coolest finish …

  • Gibson SG Classic

    Gibson SG Classic - "Just a great SG"


    The Gibson SG Classic is a recent model reissue of the famous Gibson SG Special as used by players like Pete Townshend in the sixties and seventies. This guitar models the guitar that was made in the latter half of the sixties with the larger "batwin…

  • Gibson Dickey Betts SG

    Gibson Dickey Betts SG - "Early 60s tribute SG"


    This guitar is a replica of the 61 SG that Dickey Betts gave to Duane Allman back when they played together. It is a great tribute to early 60s road warrior SG's. The guitar features a light relicing job to emulate the dings and scratches that the re…

  • Gibson All American SG I

    Gibson All American SG I - "All-American quarterback"


    The Gibson SG All-American was a limited run SG guitar. The only maybe for short time and they weren't very popular either. The only featured one humbucker pickup like you would see on a Charvel guitar from the 80s. You also add a burst of paint job …

  • Gibson SG Standard

    Gibson SG Standard - "Solid guitar for the price"


    I have been a fan of Gibson guitars since I first learned how to play the guitar. They have continued to be one of the best sounding guitar builders in the world. I am particular to the Les Paul guitar but even the SG finds a special place in my hear…

  • Gibson SG Standard

    Gibson SG Standard - "Heaven and Hell"


    The Gibson SG guitar is a classic looking guitar features to pointed horns on the top of the body. It's easier the identified and recognizable guitar that takes a lot of influence from the Gibson Les Paul but has his own personal thing going. It has …

  • Gibson 50th Anniversary SG Standard 24 - Antique Ebony

    Gibson 50th Anniversary SG Standard 24 - Antique Ebony - "Unlike no other"


    The Gibson SG like it's big brother to Gibson Les Paul is a rock 'n roll tone machine this is such a great guitar when trying to dial in some good heavy rock 'n roll guitar tones. It has a unique tone that is similar to the Gibson Les Paul but its ow…

  • Gibson '61 SG Reissue

    Gibson '61 SG Reissue - "American built quality"


    The Gibson SG is one of the greatest rock 'n roll guitars that has come out in the last 40 years. You can easily recognize this guitar if you have listened to any of AC/DC's albums or Pete Townshend from the Hill. This guitar was a primary guitar for…

  • Gibson SG Standard LH

    Gibson SG Standard LH - "Standard SG for lefties"


    I am a vocal critic of the lack of left handed guitars there are for sale. I am a primarily left handed player. Working on and selling guitars for so long I can get by on a right handed guitar now but all of my personal guitars are left handed. It is…